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Yellow-legged Chalcid - Brachymeria ovata

Family Chalcididae 

This page contains pictures and information about Yellow-legged Chalcid Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 

Body length 8mm
This wasp is known parasite on pupae from many species include butterfly, moth, wasp, and Tachinidae that parasitizing moth. We found a few times this wasp parasites on moth and butterfly pupae.

Chalcid Wasp parasite on Moth pupa
wpe9.jpg (15603 bytes) wpe7.jpg (23801 bytes)
Moth pupa length 15mm, wasp body length 5mm 
We found the moth pupa in a front yard during early summer. We brought it home and waited to see what kind of moth it would be. However we end up saw a small wasp came out from the Pupa. This unknown species wasp is shiny black in colour with yellow legs. Its wings are dark in colour. Its hind legs are enlarged. Its black antenna are short and elbowed.

Chalcid Wasp parasite on Tailed Emperor Butterfly pupa

wpeE.jpg (25463 bytes) wpe11.jpg (25693 bytes) 
Butterflies Pupa length 20mm
We found a green butterfly pupa in our backyard in late summer. We check that this looked like a Tailed Emperor Butterfly pupa (Polyura pyrrhus). However, about two weeks later, we saw there are many holes on the pupa and more than 20 Chalcid Wasps had came out from the pupa.
wpe6.jpg (20678 bytes) SCN_0057a.jpg (225755 bytes)
Those wasps are shiny black in colour with yellow legs. Its wings are clean. Its hind legs are enlarged. They look very similar to the species above.

DSC_3336.jpg (171483 bytes) DSC_3438.jpg (189052 bytes)
Feb 2010 on the hill top of Anstead Forest, we found this parasited Tailed Emperor Butterfly pupa and Crow Butterfly pupa.
DSC_3354.jpg (128395 bytes) DSC_3351.jpg (128995 bytes) DSC_3354s.jpg (159827 bytes)
Near by we found another Crow Butterfly pupa. There was the examining the pupa. The pupa looked still quite intacted.   
DSC_3346.jpg (158730 bytes) DSC_3356.jpg (163546 bytes) 
We brought the pupa home, three Chalcid Wasps came out after a few days. 

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