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Subfamily Molytinae

This page contains information and pictures about Elephant weevils in subfamily Molytinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Members in this subfamily are usually have relatively long legs and long rostrum. On all legs, apex of tibiae produced into curved hook.
This is a large subfamily, however, we only found one species at this moment. 

Elephant weevil - Orthorhinus cylindrirostris 


Body length 15mm
This weevil and their larvae feed on different plants include most Eucalypts. Searching the internet found that this weevil is not welcome by the Grape and Wine industry. It feed on grape vine and make a lot of damages. This weevil is native to Australia anyway. 
DSC_2804.jpg (118652 bytes) DSC_2807.jpg (167214 bytes) DSC_2822.jpg (101685 bytes)
Photos were taken in Karawatha Forest on Feb 2008. The weevil was hiding on a small tree alone. 
DSC_2813.jpg (154169 bytes) DSC_2808.jpg (199500 bytes) DSC_2819.jpg (113265 bytes)
When we were taking those photos, the weevil did not camera-shy. It seemed found us too annoying so it slowly walk away. After many camera flashes, it lost its patient. It walked to the tip of a leaf, open its wings and flied away.  
DSC_2038.jpg (258447 bytes) DSC_2041.jpg (268242 bytes)
Found this weevil on a Comb-footed Platform Spider's web. This indicated this weevil can fly.  
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