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Thin Strawberry  Weevil - Rhadinosomus lacordairei

FAMILY CURCULIONIDAE, Subfamily Aterpinae, Rhadinosomini

This page contains information and pictures about Thin Strawberry Weevils that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 10mm
wpe17.jpg (26051 bytes) wpe23.jpg (39464 bytes)
This small weevil was found feeding on leaf early summer in Alexandra Hill. This weevil has extremely elongated body. It is brown in colour with a creamy-white pattern on each side of wings cover.
DSC_2176.jpg (317613 bytes) DSC_2184.jpg (256041 bytes) DSC_2182.jpg (253752 bytes)
We also found this small long beetle in Carbrook Wetland on Mar 2011. It feeds on leaves with mark markings, which match with the beetle's camouflage colours and make them hard to be notices. When disturbed, it runs quickly along stems of host plant. 
DSC_2181.jpg (326361 bytes) DSC_2180.jpg (279859 bytes) DSC_2177.jpg (329043 bytes)
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3. Rhadinosomus lacordairei - Australian Insect Common Names, Version 1.53, CSIRO.

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