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Sutural Belid
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Red Weevil
Brown Leaf-rolling Weevil
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Straight-snouted Weevil 
Adelognatha/ Entiminae
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Fruit-tree Root Weevil
Grey Root Weevil
Peanut Weevil
Black Short Rostrum Weevil
Swamp Banksia Weevil
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Diamond Weevil
Black Detritus Weevil
White-headed Weevil I
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Black Gum Tree Weevil
Grey Gum Tree Weevil
White Gum Tree Weevil 
Tin Strawberry Weevil 
Eucalyptus Weevil I
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Eucalyptus Weevil III
Eucalyptus Weevil I V
Eucalyptus Weevil V
Eucalyptus Weevil VI
Eucalyptus Weevil VII  
Elephant weevil
Backward-nosed Weevil 1
Backward-nosed Weevil 2
Backward-nosed Weevil 3 
Long-nosed Weevil
Black Round-eyed Weevil
Citrus Leafeating Weevil 
Unknown Weevils 


Subfamily Cryptorhynchinae - Backward-nosed Weevils


This page contains information and pictures about Backward-nosed Weevils in Subfamily Cryptorhynchinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia
This is a large subfamily. Members are usually have relatively long legs and with a long backwardly directed rostrum. On all legs, apex of tibiae produced into curved hook.  
Backward-nosed Weevil 1
wpe9.jpg (30398 bytes) wpe6.jpg (30913 bytes)
Eleagna or Eutyrhinus sp., body length 10mm
Above pictures was taken in Moorooka in late summer 2003. Please check this page for more details.
Backward-nosed Weevil 2
DSC_2440.jpg (298960 bytes) DSC_2439.jpg (313883 bytes) 
Eutyrhinus sp., body length 10mm
We found this pair of weevils feeding on a gall of a gum tree in Anstead Forest. It was Dec 2009. Please check this page for details.
Backward-nosed Weevil 3
DSC_9965.jpg (146739 bytes) DSC_9967.jpg (157488 bytes)
? Tyrtaeosus sp., body length 10mm
Pictures were taken on Nov 2007 near Bulimba Creek in Sunnybank. Please click on here for more information and pictures.
1. Australian Weevils - Zimmerman, E.C., CSIRO PUBLISHING, 1991, Plate 425.
2. A Guide to the Beetles of Australia - George Hangay and Paul Zborowski, CSIRO PUBLISHING April 2010, p219.
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