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Straight-snouted Weevil 
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Elephant weevil
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Backward-nosed Weevil 3 
Long-nosed Weevil
Black Round-eyed Weevil
Citrus Leafeating Weevil 
Unknown Weevils 


Family Brentidae - Straight-snouted Weevils

This page contains information and pictures about Straight-snouted Weevils in family Brentidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Weevils in family Brentidae have elongated body. They have straight and short antennae. 
We found two species both are in subfamily Apioninae. Species in this subfamily Apioninae are small in size and often black in colour. They have round abdomen and narrow rostrum, like the true weevil. Their antenna are not elbowed which distinguishes them from true weevil.
This family very close to the true weevil family CURCULIONIDAE.  

Tiny Black Weevil 
wpe1.jpg (46561 bytes) 
Myrmacicelus sp., Apioninae, body length 4mm
It is not difficult to found this little shiny black weevil on Black Wattle leaf in Alexandra Hill and Karawatha Forest during mid-summer. We have more infromation and pictures in this page.
Straight-snouted Weevil
PC9_0575.jpg (96982 bytes)  PC9_0550.jpg (132755 bytes)
? Apion sp., Apioninae, body length 4mm 
Pictures taken on Mar 2009 in Anstead Forest on Queensland Silver Wattle Acacia podalyriifolia. There were a few of them on the plant. 
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