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Botany Bay Diamond Weevil - Chrysolopus spectabilis


This page contains information and pictures about Botany Bay Diamond Weevils that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia

Body length 25mm
This weevil also known as Diamond Beetle. This weevil is famous in Australia natural history because it was the first scientifically described Australian insect species. 
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It is not too difficult to found them in Karawatha Forest during summer season. We found those weevils always feeding alone on young Acacia tree.
wpe26.jpg (29874 bytes) wpe2A.jpg (31398 bytes) wpe23.jpg (28074 bytes)
This weevil has beautiful metallic green dots patterns on black colour. The patterns are slightly different on individual. . 
wpe1F.jpg (32875 bytes) wpe1.jpg (27248 bytes) wpe3.jpg (24006 bytes)
The larvae feed on roots of Acacia
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wpe7.jpg (19706 bytes) wpeA.jpg (25792 bytes) DSC_2479.jpg (176474 bytes)
We found the weevil once on gum tree leaf, but not sure if it feed on gum leaf as well. 
wpe17.jpg (55806 bytes) wpe1B.jpg (43741 bytes) DSC_2626 (2).jpg (184187 bytes)
When disturbed, the weevil dropped on the ground and play death. We put it on hand and it slowly walked back onto the leaves. 

The host plants

wpe5.jpg (69599 bytes) wpe7.jpg (63502 bytes)
Acacia sp.
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