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Sutural Belid
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Brown Leaf-rolling Weevil
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Fruit-tree Root Weevil
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Backward-nosed Weevil 3 
Long-nosed Weevil
Black Round-eyed Weevil
Citrus Leafeating Weevil 
Unknown Weevils 


Eucalyptus Weevil II - Gonipterus sp. 


This page contains information and pictures about Eucalyptus Weevils that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 10mm, This weevil camouflaged as a gum nut. 
The Eucalyptus Weevil is brown in colour. When it sits next to the gum nuts, it is hard to tell which is which. The adults and larvae both feed on leaves of different gum trees. 
wpeB.jpg (21463 bytes) wpe1A.jpg (27031 bytes)
Those pictures was taken in Alexandra Hill in mid summer. This weevil camouflaged as a gum nut. 
wpe1.jpg (30161 bytes) wpe7.jpg (26178 bytes) wpe14.jpg (29792 bytes)
We also found this weevil in Karawatha Forest. The weevil is common on gum trees. 
wpe11.jpg (23223 bytes) DSCN1956.jpg (116222 bytes) DSCN1949.jpg (310500 bytes)
Searched the internet by its scientific name and found that it is a pest in Eucalyptus forest industry all over the world. We accidentally exported this little fellow oversea when we exported our Eucalyptus plantations.
DSCN1946.jpg (85136 bytes) DSCN1947.jpg (96937 bytes) DSCN1949.jpg (116623 bytes)
Pictures were taken on Nov and Dec 2006 in Karawatha Forest.  
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