Family Corinnidae - Swift Spiders

This page contains pictures and information about Swift Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Family Corinnidae is newly separated from family Clubionidae.
Spiders in this family are small to medium size. Their four pairs of eyes are small and about the same size, from above in two slightly curved rows in a small area.    
Some spiders in this family mimic ants. Their legs are usually long and slender. Most corinnids live in leaf litter or on dry bark of trees. They hunt on open ground and tree trunk. As their common name implies, they run very fast.

Bug-mimicking Swift Spider
wpe6.jpg (41807 bytes)  wpe1.jpg (54976 bytes)
Supunna picta, subfamily Castianierinae, leg to leg 30mm
We sometimes found this spider on tree trunk with the Gum Tree Shield Bug nymph. This spider look very similar to the bug nymph. The spider has the black colour body and white markings. Its pair of front legs has the same colour as the nymph's antenna. Most interesting is the spiders walk with three pairs of legs only, and wave its front legs just like antenna. We have more information and pictures in this page.
Spotted Ground Swift Spider
  wpe19.jpg (45609 bytes)
Supunna albopunctatum, subfamily Castianierinae, leg to leg 20mm
This spider is black in colour with white dot patterns. It can be found on forest ground. Usually we found them hunting amount leaf litter during the day.  
Ant-mimicking Swift Spider
wpeC.jpg (39832 bytes)  wpe1A.jpg (24972 bytes)
? Poecilipta sp., body length 8mm
We sometimes saw this spider in Alexander Hill and Karawatha Forest. It was hunting on a small Acacia tree, where ants with similar shape and colour can also be found. When hunting, the spider walk like an ant. When disturbed, it ran much faster than ant. More information and pictures can be found in this page.
Black Ground Swift Spider
wpe10.jpg (44051 bytes)  wpeC.jpg (27521 bytes) 
Corinnid Sp., body length 10mm
The spider is black in colour with long legs. We sometimes find this spider wandering on ground in Karawatha forest during a sunny day. We have more picture and information about this spider in this page.

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