Yellow Crab Spider - Thomisus sp. 


This page contains pictures and information about Yellow Crab Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Male, body length 4mm
This spider has the reddish eye patch and the horn-like projection on each side of its head. 
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This is a small Crab Spider. We found its once in Alexandra Hill on July 2007. The spider was wandering on dry fern leaf. 
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We found this spider the second time on Oct 2009 in Carbrook Wetland. The spider was on the top of a small Banksia. From the pale size, yes, it was a male. 

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Body length 7mm 
We found this female Yellow Crab Spider on Nov 2009 in Karawatha Forest Rocky Circuit. It was in its retreat, it was built by folding a green leaf tip attached by silks. We carefully open the retreat, try not to interrupt the spider too much. Anyway, it jumped onto the ground and hided under the leaves litters. 

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