9-dotted Ground Spider - Habronestes hunti

Family Zodariidae

This page contains pictures and information about 9-dotted Ground Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 10mm
We sometimes found this ground hunting spider in forest floor in mid summer season. The spider is dark brown in colour with paler brown legs, There are two row of three followed by one row of three yellow dots on its abdomen. 
We found this ground hunting spider near Buhot Creek Dec 2008. 
Also found it in Ford Road Conservation Area Jan 2009.
DSC_2208.jpg (198774 bytes) DSC_2210.jpg (187349 bytes) DSC_2212.jpg (239277 bytes)
Dec 2009, Daisy Hills Buhot Creek. 
DSC_3944.jpg (228373 bytes) DSC_3946.jpg (204705 bytes) DSC_3948.jpg (227075 bytes)
On Feb 2010 Karawatha Forest, we found this spider holding its prey, a Golden Spiny Ant. This Spider runs fast on the forest floor and on leaves. The patterns on the spider vary between individual. Most have 9 dots but the spider above has 12 dots. 

1. Habronestes hunti - The Find-a-spider Guide for Australian Spiders, University of Southern Queensland, 2009.

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