Elegant Lynx Spider - Oxyopes elegans


This page contains pictures and information about Elegant Lynx Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 

Leg to leg 20mm
Elegant Lynx Spiders are small in size, long legs spiders with medium size abdomen. This spider is not as common as the other Lynx Spider in Brisbane garden. They do not build web but hunt small insects on plants.
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Lynx Spiders have good vision although their eyes are relatively small. They have eight eyes, in the pattern four rows of two. 
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We found those Elegant Lynx Spiders in Yimbun Park near Bulimba Creek. They hunt actively in day time. They have a long body and long spiny legs. They hunt in the ways like a cat, i.e., slowly approach the prey and suddenly jump to it. So the spiders have their name Lynx.
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Elegant Lynx Spider builds retreat and egg-sac on dry leaves. 

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