Family Gelastocoridae - Toad Bugs

This page contains pictures and information about Toad Bugs in family Gelastocoridae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Toad Bug - Nerthra alaticollis

Body length 10mm
Toad bugs have the widen femur of front legs which make it a good swimmer. Toad bugs are predacious. They hop but cannot fly.
DSC_2259a.jpg (215478 bytes) DSC_2263.jpg (155818 bytes) DSC_2262.jpg (335834 bytes)
We found this Toad bug when we taking dragonfly photos in Karawatha Forest at the edge of a lagoon on Feb 2008. The bug was just coming up from the muddy water and walking onshore. 
DSC_6204.jpg (342965 bytes) DSC_6214.jpg (323642 bytes) DSC_6211.jpg (321204 bytes)
We found this Toad Bug nymph on a dry creek bed on 2010. It was in Parkinson Parklands.

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