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Ant-mimicking Seed Bug I
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Brown Seed Bug
Black and White Seed Bug 

Family Rhyparochromidae - Seed Bugs

This page contains pictures and information about Seed Bugs in subfamily Rhyparochromidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 

Rhyparochromidae is newly (1997) separated from Lygaeidae.
Seeds Bugs in Rhyparochromidae are small is size and dull in colour. They are either brown or mottled with dark and pale patterns. The head is usually large and triangular with ocelli. Antennae are four segmented. They usually have strong front legs. Most of them feed on ripe seeds that dropped on ground. Fightlessness is common in this family.  
We found two species in this family both are ant-mimicking

Ant-mimicking Seed Bug 1
wpe1B.jpg (52271 bytes) DSC_2691.jpg (163734 bytes)
Daerlac nigricans, subfamily Rhyparochrominae, tribe Udeocorini, body length 10mm 
Yes, this is a true bug but not an ant. Its body colour and behaviour is mimicking the black ant. It was found wandering on a large gum tree trunk, where a lot of black ants is running around. It did not have the waist, which is the characteristic of all ants, but its body colour pattern mimics just exactly this. Please check this page for more information.
Ant-mimicking Seed Bug 2
DSCN7268.JPG (143245 bytes) DSCN7269.JPG (100168 bytes) 
Daerlac sp. body length 10mm
The nymphs were found on grass seeds.
Black and White Seed Bug
DSC_6883.jpg (115401 bytes) DSC_6890.jpg (135425 bytes)
Dieuches maculicollis, body length 6mm
We found this small bugs on the table in our backyard. It was Feb 2010. For some reasons, this bug lose its two left legs. This bug feeds on vein near the root. Please check this page for more information.
Brown Seed Bug
DSC_9716.jpg (101735 bytes) DSC_9719.jpg (77340 bytes) 
? Remaudierana sp., body length 15mm
Pictures taken on early summer Nov 2007 near Bulimba Creek in Sunnybank.

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