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Cotton Stainers Bugs - Family Pyrrhocoridae

Pyrrhocorids are medium to large insects. They are usually colourful, with striking patterns of yellow, red, black and white. The head is triangular. Bugs in this family resemble Lygaeidae but can be distinguished  by Pyrrhocorids do not have the ocelli. The antennae and labium are 4-segmented, with the labium often extending well beyond the base of the abdomen. The hemelytral membrane has numerous reticulating veins. Bugs in this family mainly feed on Malvaceae, including cotton. 

Pale Cotton Stainer Bug
IMG_0002z1.jpg (219391 bytes) DSCN0118.jpg (172322 bytes)
Dysdercus sidae, body length 15mm  
We find quite a number of this bugs on a Malvaceae Abutilon plant in early summer. We saw only the adults but no nymph around. They have the red and black head, red eyes and pink to orange body, with a small black dot on each forewing. The bugs are known will attack cotton, staining the lint and damage the seed. More information can be found here.
Black Fire Bug
DSC_2241.jpg (119185 bytes) DSCN1989.jpg (148692 bytes)
Dindymus sp., body length 10mm
Found on Nov 2008 in Karawatha forest, the bug was hiding under loose bark, jump onto the ground when disturbed. Please check this page for more infromation.
Orange Fire Bug
DSC_9476.jpg (165768 bytes) DSC_9473.jpg (147523 bytes)
Dindymus sp., body length 10mm
We found this Orange Fire Bug in Karawatha Forest on Dec 2010. Please check this page for more information.

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