Wattle Jumping Spider - Sandalodes scopifer 

(former S. albobarbatus)


This page contains pictures and information about Wattle Jumping Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Male, body length 8mm
We found this Jumping Spider on wattle leaf and stem a few times. It has the very long and strong front legs. Its front pair eyes are large and with eyebrow. 
wpe1B.jpg (20088 bytes)  wpe1.jpg (30275 bytes)
The male's abdomen has two pairs of white spots on the sides. The white markings on this spider are distinctive. The patterns are variable in different individuals. The females of this species are a little bit different. We did not find one yet.
wpe7.jpg (20418 bytes)  wpeA.jpg (33789 bytes) 
This spider is common in eucalypt forests in Brisbane. 
wpeA.jpg (29621 bytes)  wpeC.jpg (20857 bytes)
This spider likes to hide on thin stem waiting for preys. 
wpeD.jpg (23083 bytes)  wpeF.jpg (16137 bytes)
DSC_0935.jpg (92729 bytes)  DSC_0936.jpg (71487 bytes)
DSC_0931.jpg (60940 bytes)  DSC_0930.jpg (66282 bytes)
Captured a moth, a Yellow Spot Epicoma Moth Epicoma protrahens. 

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