Unidentified Jumping Spiders


We can not identify the following Jumping Spiders yet. Please advise if you know any of them. Thank you.

Unknown Jumping Spider 1
DSC_5873.jpg (75598 bytes)
?sp., body length 6mm 
We found this jumping spider once on a Black She-oak in Karawatha Forest during early winter.
DSC_1097.jpg (88180 bytes)  DSC_1101.jpg (83007 bytes)
The 2nd time we found this spider was Dec 2007 on a River She-oak in Karawatha Forest. 
DSC_1105.jpg (69389 bytes)  DSC_1106.jpg (70067 bytes)
DSC_1108.jpg (51070 bytes)
Unknown Jumping Spider 1
DSC_0639.jpg (79361 bytes)  DSC_0645.jpg (68247 bytes) 
?sp., body length 6mm 
DSC_0633.jpg (60702 bytes)  DSC_0636.jpg (106902 bytes) 
We found in spider in Sunnybank near  Bulimba Creek on Dec 2007..
DSC_0632.jpg (77069 bytes)
Please advise if you know any of them. Thank you.

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Last updated: December 14, 2007.