Aussie Bronze Jumper - Helpis minitabunda


This page contains pictures and information about Aussie Bronze Jumping Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Male protecting his nest with a female inside.
For this species of jumping spider, the males are larger than the females. This is quite an exceptional case in the world of spider which usually males are smaller. This species the male will protect the nest while the female inside the nest. When we took the above photo, we expected the jumping spider will ran away or at least hided behind the leaf, but this male stand right in front of the camera.
DSC_0052.jpg (82554 bytes) 
Male, body length 10mm                                       Female, body length 8mm
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  DSC_9092.jpg (90723 bytes)
This is another species of Jumping Spider, with slender body light brown in colour. In the above first picture, one leg of the spider is missing.
DSC_9090.jpg (85244 bytes)  DSC_9085.jpg (72474 bytes)
As all other jumping spiders, this jumping spider hunts by jumping on small insects. They need very good eyesight to do this. Notice its very large front pair of eyes.  
wpeB.jpg (30551 bytes)  wpeC.jpg (28594 bytes)
This spider build retreat on a curved single green leaf.


  wpe31.jpg (22184 bytes)
This Jumping Spider was found on Wattle leaves a few times.
wpeE.jpg (33396 bytes)  wpe11.jpg (30839 bytes)
This jumping spider has the slender brown body. There are white rings on the front pair of its legs.
wpe2D.jpg (25401 bytes)  wpe2F.jpg (20917 bytes)

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