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Yellow Flank Braconid Wasp - Callibracon flaviceps 

(former Poecilobracon flaviceps)


This page contains pictures and information about Yellow Flank Braconid Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length  20mm                         
We saw this wasp a few times in Karawatha Forest during early to late summer.  
DSC_2925.jpg (65234 bytes) DSC_2924.jpg (154466 bytes)
This wasp in the photos must be a female for she had the typical long ovipositor of a female Ichneumon wasp. The wasp had the black body, with yellow flank and yellow-banded abdomen. It wings were tinted with half orange and half dark brown, Its head was orange in colour, with black antenna. All its legs were black. 
DSC_2902.jpg (126678 bytes) DSC_2905.jpg (209386 bytes) wpeC.jpg (39292 bytes)
When we took those pictures the wasp was checking a pupa on tree trunk. This wasp just kept on what it was doing and ignored our approaching.  
DSC_2908.jpg (81776 bytes) DSC_2909.jpg (92336 bytes) DSC_2914.jpg (163883 bytes)
The genus Callibracon is known the parasitises of Longicorn Beetle larvae. 
DSC_2916.jpg (258379 bytes) DSC_2920.jpg (200946 bytes)
DSC_7686.jpg (153291 bytes) DSC_7691.jpg (157792 bytes) DSC_7693.jpg (185246 bytes)
Please check the Braconid Wasps main page for more general information about this wasp. 

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