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Transverse Moth - Xanthodes transversa

Family Noctuidae

This page contains pictures and information about Transverse Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Moth wingspan 30mm
The adult Transverse Moth is yellow in colour, with three brown arrow-shaped lines across each forewing. The back edges of the forewings are dark brown in colour.
We sometimes find this Transverse Moths caterpillars on Hibiscus plants in our backyard. When small, the caterpillars are light green in colour. Later they develop yellow bands and black spots. There is the red spot at the end tip which may mislead the predator it is its head.
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Caterpillar length 50mm 
We wanted to known what is the adult moth look like. We found the caterpillar on the Hibiscus plant and keep it in a jar. We fed the caterpillar with fresh Hibiscus leaves every day. A few days later, the caterpillar pupated on the bottom of the jar among  the plant materials. Two weeks later the adult moth came out. 
wpe6.jpg (31579 bytes)
Moth wingspan 30mm
We opened the jar and put it in our backyard. The moths fly away during the night.

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2. Xanthodes transversa Guenee, 1852 - Australian Caterpillars, by Don Herbison-Evans & Stella Crossley, 2006. 

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