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Black Eutelin Moth - Pataeta carbo

Family Noctuidae, Subfamily EUTELIINAE

This page contains pictures and information about Brown Noctuid Moths in subfamily EUTELINAE that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 25mm
The moth is dull black in colour with shiny black wave-lines across wings. The covered hindwings are white in colour with black patch. The abdomen is curled upward when rest. 
We found this moth inside our house 2002. The caterpillar feeds on Eucalyptus.
DSC_2477.jpg (115705 bytes) DSC_2505.jpg (106678 bytes)
We found another one outside our house on March 2007. We found this moth inside our house from time to time.
The caterpillar is brown in colour, feeds on Gum tree Eucalyptus and Bottlebrush Callistemon.
DSC_7395.jpg (280748 bytes) DSC_7553.jpg (467450 bytes) PWC_3488.jpg (280999 bytes)
Callistemon sp.

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