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Affinis Dayflying Moth - Idalima affinis

Family Noctuidae, sub family Agaristinae

This page contains information and pictures about Affinis Dayflying Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Wing span 40mm
The moth is black in colour with white patterns on wings. Its abdomen is banded in black and white with orange colour tip. Its front pair of legs has dense orange hairs. We saw it once in Anstead Forest Reserve on Mar 2009. 
PC9_0352.jpg (97726 bytes)
This moth was very alert to our approach. It flied fast for a bout one or two two meters and stopped. It always rested flat with facing us as a thin line. We chased this moth for 15 minutes and only took one photo.

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2. Moths of Australia - Ian F.B.Common, Melbourne University Press, 1990, p463, Fig 49.12.

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