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Subfamily NOLINAE - Small Grey Moths

Family Noctuidae

This page contains pictures and information about moths and caterpillars in subfamily NOLINAE that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
The camouflaged cocoon build by Nolinae caterpillar  
This family Nolidae is recently raised to family in Moth order. It was classified as subfamily NOLINAE put under family Noctuidae.
The moths in this subfamily are small in size. Most of them are grey in colour. 
Caterpillars have three pairs of prolegs, the one pair on abdomen 3 is missing. They pupate in cocoon formed by silk and plant bark with the shape of upturned boat. The moth comes out from a vertical slit at the board end. 

Small Grey Moth
PWC_9656.jpg (168850 bytes)  PC9_1292.jpg (157410 bytes)
Barasa cymatistis, caterpillar grows up to 30mm, moth wingspan 20mm
This caterpillar is common on Gum leaves in eucalypt forests in Brisbane. We would like to know what is the moth. We found a caterpillar it was cutting out the skip of a dry leaf. We thought it may about to pupate and making a cocoon. Check this page for more details.
Gum-Leaf Skeletoniser
DSC_4269.jpg (172798 bytes)  DSC_4270.jpg (162435 bytes)
Uraba lugens (Roselia lugens), length 20mm, Apr 2008, Ford Road Conservation Area 
As the common name implied, the caterpillar feeds on eucalyptus, skeletonizing the leaves. Notice the cast head capsules of several of the younger instars are stacked vertically on the thorax. Check this page for more details.
Unknown Nola Moth
DSC_0323.jpg (103785 bytes) 
? Nola sp., wingspan 20mm
Nov 2007, Yugarapul Park
Unknown Caterpillar feeds on Banksia leaf
wpe21.jpg (42322 bytes)  wpe25.jpg (18630 bytes) 
? sp., length 30mm
We found the golden yellow hairy caterpillar on Banksia leaf. We took it home and put it in a jar with some Banksia leaves. Two day later the caterpillar disappeared. We look for a while and noticed that it became a cocoon attached on one of the leaf stem, covered with bark from the leaf. It was hardly be noticed. However, we had wait over months and still nothing came out from the pupa. We are still waiting........... From the way it made the cocoon, we believe it is in this subfamily.

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