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Dayflying Moths - Subfamily AGARISTINAE

Family Noctuidae

This page contains pictures and information about moths and caterpillars in Subfamily AGARISTINAE that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
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Caterpillar in subfamily Agaristinae 
Moths in this subfamily are medium in size. They are active during the day time. Most of them are in black and white colour, some are very colourful, flying around flowers and may be mistaken as butterfly. This subfamily was treated as family Agaristidae.
Caterpillars are also colourful and feed openly during the day. They pupate under bark, in rotting wood or in soil. 

Affinis Dayflying Moth
PC9_0352.jpg (97726 bytes)
Idalima affinis, wing span 40mm 
This moth was very alert to our approach. It flied fast for a bout one or two two meters and stopped. It always rested flat with facing us as a thin line. We chased this moth for 15 minutes and only took one photo. The moth is black in colour with white patterns on wings. Its abdomen is banded in black and white with orange colour tip. Its front pair of legs has dense orange hairs. Check this page for more information.
Crow Moth
PWC_8974.jpg (248816 bytes)  IMG_8169_400x300.jpg (80172 bytes)
Cruria donowani, wing span 45mm                                                                                                 Photo thank to Karen Shaw, Brush Turkey Enterprises
The moth looks like a Crow Butterfly with a bit smaller size. It is black in colour with white spots form a cat-face pattern on wings. Its abdomen is black and white banded with orange segments at the tip. It is believed those butterflies and moths with similar wing pattern form a Mullerian mimicry complex to avoid predator. Please check this page for more information and pictures.
Joseph's Coat Moth, Painted Vine Moth
PC9_0325.jpg (229781 bytes) DSC_3158.jpg (201233 bytes) wpeA.jpg (23627 bytes)
Agarista agricola, male, female, wing span 50mm, caterpillar length 40mm
We found quite a number of those caterpillars feeding on grape vine in Daisy Hill during late summer. The caterpillars have alternate black and white bands with some orange bands. They have sparse black thick hairs. The adult moths are day flying, with black, red, pale blue and yellow colours. Check this page for more information and pictures.

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