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Native Budworm - Helicoverpa punctigera

Family Noctuidae

This page contains pictures and information about Native Budworms and Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Wingspan 40mm
We sometimes found this caterpillar feeding on flower bud. We even found this caterpillar inside a strawberry. They are known will feed on different of garden plants and considered as agricultural pest. 
wpe1.jpg (38845 bytes) wpeB.jpg (27469 bytes) 
This Caterpillar has black dots and pattern of thin dark lines running along the body. Those lines are darker around the second and third segments. The caterpillars are pale green in colours when small, becomes brown with dark lines when grow up.
wpe1.jpg (26298 bytes) DSC_7958.jpg (88595 bytes) DSC_8436.jpg (88909 bytes)
Above picture was taken in Alexandra Hill during early summer. The adult moth is brown in colour with wingspan about 40mm. It has large green compound eyes. The hind wings are buff with dark submarginal bands.
DSC_7933.jpg (73670 bytes) DSC_7934.jpg (66653 bytes) DSC_7930.jpg (64335 bytes)
This moth is very common in Brisbane bush, especially during early summer. Usually it hides on forest ground during the day. Occasionally fly away if disturbed.

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