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Small Grey Moth - Barasa cymatistis

Family Noctuidae, subfamily NOLINAE

This page contains pictures and information about Small Grey Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Moth wingspan 20mm, just came out from the cocoon next to it. 
DSC_4110.jpg (103619 bytes) PWC_9655.jpg (165685 bytes) PWC_9656.jpg (168850 bytes)
Mar 2008, Karawatha Forest                               Jan 2009, Ford Road Research Area
PC9_1032.jpg (127530 bytes) PC9_1037.jpg (103288 bytes)
Apr 2009, Wishart Bushland, the caterpillar was attacking by a Glossy Shield Bug nymph.  
PC9_0857.jpg (119679 bytes) PC9_0858.jpg (149875 bytes)
Length 30mm 
The caterpillar is common on Brush Box (Lophostemon confertus) leaves in eucalypt forests in Brisbane. We would like to know what is the moth.  On mid Apr 2009,  we found this caterpillar it was cutting out the skip of a dry leaf. We thought it may about to pupate and making a cocoon. 
PC9_1072.jpg (130649 bytes) PC9_1073.jpg (158647 bytes)
We brought the caterpillar home with the dry leaf. Within two days, the caterpillar made a cocoon with silk, which is completely covered with dry leaf skip. This made the cocoon very hard to be seen.  
PC9_1288.jpg (142172 bytes) PC9_1290.jpg (143237 bytes) PC9_1292.jpg (157410 bytes)
The moth came out on early may.  It was a little grey moth with dark patterns. 
PC9_1294.jpg (175263 bytes) PC9_1296.jpg (158551 bytes)

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