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Snout Moths - FAMILY Lasiocampidae 

This page contains pictures and information about moths and caterpillars in family Lasiocampidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Lasiocampid Caterpillar 
The Caterpillars of this family are medium to large size, usually have flat body. Some are smooth, and some are hairy. Most have a pair of dorsal glands on abdomen. Many have flaps of skin overhanging their prolegs and they like to lie along twigs. They pupate in silk cocoon.
The adult moths are large, hairy and stout, have elongated mouth parts, which makes them look like they have long noses, hence their name "Snout Moths". The males are fast-flying moths while the females have larger sluggish body. When rest, they like to hide their antenna under wings. They are mainly active at night. 

Gum Snout Moth
wpe6.jpg (38902 bytes)  wpeE.jpg (28912 bytes)
Entometa fervens, caterpillar length 60mm, adult wingspan 60mm, subfamily LASIOCAMPINAE
This is a large caterpillar has a pair of dorsal glands on abdominal segment eight and a pair of erectile on the metathorax. The caterpillar feeds on Eucalyptus. The adult moth is  pale brown in colour with brawn dots pattern. Its hind wings are pale orange. It has a snout body. More pictures and information please click on here
Brown Snout Moth
DSC_1944.jpg (119009 bytes)  DSC_2222.jpg (225915 bytes)
Entometa, apicalis,  male wingspan 70mm          female wingspan 90mm
On Jan 2008, we found both male and female moth in the same day in Karawatha Forest. We did not see them at the other time. The adult moths are large, hairy and stout, have elongated mouth parts, which makes them look like they have long noses, hence their name "Snout Moths". Please visit this page for more pictures and information. 
She-Oak Moth Caterpillar
wpe1E.jpg (28885 bytes)  wpe20.jpg (28967 bytes)
Pernattia pusilla, subfamily GASTROPACHINAE, length 20mm 
The caterpillar has large head with black and white hair. The body is brown in colour covered with white hair, with two small red knobs on the back of each segment. There are the black tuft of hairs on the back of abdominal segments one and seven. It feeds on various species of She-Oak including Australian Pine. It pupates in a cocoon among the host plant leaves. Both female and male are brown in colour, although look very different.

We found a few caterpillars we believed they are in this family, but cannot identify them yet. Please advise if you know any those caterpillars, thank you.. 
Unknown Lasiocampid Caterpillar 1
DSC_7184.jpg (81397 bytes)
? sp., length 30mm
Unknown Lasiocampid Caterpillar 2
wpe2A.jpg (24842 bytes) wpe6.jpg (46819 bytes) wpe27.jpg (33310 bytes)
? sp., length 40mm
wpe1B.jpg (25393 bytes)  DSCN0160.JPG (93177 bytes) DSCN0383a.JPG (81836 bytes)
We found and tried to raise this caterpillar a few times but no luck still.
DSCN2136.JPG (100364 bytes) DSCN2138.JPG (119679 bytes) PWC_7155.jpg (249000 bytes)
Pictures taken in Karawatha Forest on Jan 2007. 
DSC_8266.jpg (168719 bytes) DSC_8268.jpg (153628 bytes) DSCN9854.JPG (60069 bytes)
P1000256.jpg (193379 bytes) P1000260.jpg (184066 bytes) PWC_5963.jpg (237410 bytes)
Unknown Lasiocampid Caterpillar 3
DSC_3272.jpg (272006 bytes) DSC_3273.jpg (188784 bytes)
Mar 2008, Mt Coot-tha 
Unknown Lasiocampid Caterpillar 4
DSC_3844.jpg (269028 bytes) DSC_3845.jpg (225993 bytes)
Mar 2008, Bulimba Creek near Wishart bushland
Unknown Lasiocampid Caterpillar 5
DSC_4163.jpg (74447 bytes)
Mar 2008, Karawatha Forest 
Unknown Lasiocampid Caterpillar 6
PWC_9318.jpg (214591 bytes)  PWC_9320.jpg (164562 bytes)
Please advise if you know any the above caterpillars, thank you.. 

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3. LASIOCAMPIDAE of Australia - Don Herbison-Evans & Stella Crossley, 2009. 

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