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Large Flat-headed Leafhoppers - Tribe Stenocotini

Family Cicadellidae, Subfamily Tartessinae

This page contains pictures and information about Leafhoppers in tribe Stenocotini that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 
Stenocotini Leafhopper Nymph 
The Leafhoppers in tribe Stenocotini are medium to large in size. They include the world's largest leafhopper species. All of them associated with Eucalypt trees. Most of them live and feed on smooth bark gumtree trunk. This tribe Stenocotini was transferred from Ledrinae to the Tartessinae by Jones, J.R. & Deitz, L.L. (2009). 

World's Largest Leafhopper
PC9_0247.jpg (164908 bytes) PC9_0250.jpg (153236 bytes) DSC_0141.jpg (127866 bytes)
Ledromorpha planirostris, body length 28mm                                                                                 Nymph
This is the world's largest leafhopper. It is a female and the abdomen is greatly elongated by the large ovipositor. It is believed that there is only the female (yes, no male) in this species. The leafhopper has the head largely expanded towards the front. It is brown in colour with varies patterns on body. Check this page for more information.
Black Flat-head Leafhopper
DSC_6544.jpg (148145 bytes) wpe18.jpg (50247 bytes) DSC_6593.jpg (292342 bytes) 
Stenocotis depressa, body length male 15mm, female 20mm                                         Nymph
They were found on gum tree trunk from late winter to late summer in Brisbane Eucalyptus forest. They usually found resting or feeding on the trunk of smooth-barked gum trees where remnants of old bark provide shelter when necessary. They are highly variable in colour. More information and pictures please visit this page.
Small Flat-head Leafhopper
DSC_2603.jpg (366343 bytes) DSC_2602_10mm_Karawatha.jpg (390653 bytes)
Anacotis hackeri, body length 10mm 
We found this Small Flat-head Leafhopper once in Karawatha Forest on Jan 2010. It was resting on ground. We took a few pictures and it jumped and disappeared. Please check this page for information.

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