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Black Gum-leafhoppers - Tribe Eurymelini

Family Cicadellidae

This page contains pictures and information about Black Gum-leafhoppers in Tribe Eurymelini that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
The Eurymelini are only found on eucalypts, so their common name Gum-leafhoppers. They are brightly coloured or predominantly black. 

Genus Eurymela 

Leafhoppers in genus Eurymela have only one spur on hind legs.
Common Jassid, Large Leaf-treehopper
wpeA.jpg (36564 bytes) wpe4.jpg (40951 bytes) wpe1.jpg (25164 bytes)
Eurymela fenestrata, adult body length 15mm  
This Gumtree hopper is brown and violet in colour under sunlight. There were some white spots on its wings. They are common on young gum trees. More pictures and information can be found on this page. 

Genus Eurymeloides 

We listed different Eurymeloides species below. However, they look very similar and we may have mixed up their pictures in the following web pages. Gum-leafhoppers in genus Eurymeloides have 3-5 spurs on hind legs.
Two-lined Gum-leafhopper
PWC_6708.jpg (154031 bytes) DSC_4901A.jpg (108339 bytes)
Eurymeloides bicincta, adult body length 8mm  
Two-lined Gum-leafhoppers are usually found during early summer on small gum trees. They are black in colour with two narrow white lines on wings. Their eyes were orange in colour. Their nymphs are orange brown in colours. More pictures and information please visit this page.
Green Gum-leafhopper
DSCN0783.jpg (318308 bytes) DSCN0788.jpg (325023 bytes) DSCN0778.jpg (308822 bytes)
Eurymeloides pulchra, body length 10mm  
This Gum-leafhopper is relatively large in size. Adults were black in colour with two transverse white lines on wings. The front line is usually broken into two part. The hind line is narrowly wedge-shaped. The pattern of the two lines are highly variable. For more details please check this page.
Mottled-head Gum-leafhopper
DSC_1618.jpg (250843 bytes) DSCN6254.jpg (138292 bytes) wpe6.jpg (21464 bytes)
Eurymeloides punctata, body length 8mm  
The Gum-leafhopper has the head black or brown in colours mottled with white dots. There are two lines on wing-covers, the front line is wedge-shaped and the hind line is narrowly across. The abdomen is yellow-green in colours. Please check this page for more information.

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