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Yellow-headed Leafhopper - Brunotartessus fulvus

Family Cicadllidae, Subfamily Tartessinae

This page contains pictures and information about Yellow-headed Leafhoppers that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 8mm
Leafhoppers are tent-shaped insects which resemble mini cicadas. They are reddish-brown in colour with bright yellow thorax and head. When disturbed, they hide to the other side of the leaf. If further disturbed, they hop away and disappear.
DSC_2523.jpg (263492 bytes) PC9_2271.jpg (275172 bytes) DSC_5553.jpg (317568 bytes)
Unlike other leafhoppers usually found on stems or tree trunk, this Yellow-headed Leafhopper likes to rest on top of leaf surface.  
DSC_4308.jpg (345361 bytes) DSC_4307.jpg (322910 bytes) DSC_4306a.jpg (330515 bytes)
We noticed one interesting thing about this insect. They have three pairs of legs but use only two pairs for slowly walking. They hold the last pair of legs up which used only for jumping. When disturbed, as most other leafhoppers, they jump away with a 'click' sound.
DSC_4680.jpg (200521 bytes) DSC_4956.jpg (339135 bytes) DSC_5022.jpg (104075 bytes)
We usually found this hoppers in small group on leaves. This leafhopper is common in Brisbane.
wpe17.jpg (41962 bytes)  wpeB.jpg (37697 bytes)
The above picture shows the Leafhopper just came out from its last molting, the shed skin was still beside it. Also notice that the young adult's body was still in pale colour. 
DSC_0790.jpg (120975 bytes) DSC_0791.jpg (102813 bytes)
Those adult Leafhoppers were found on a large leaf near a pond in Wishart. They were resting, may be feeding as well. Few hours later, we came back and checked the leaf, they were still there. 
PWC_8430.jpg (102641 bytes) DSC_9474.jpg (172995 bytes)  


wpeB.jpg (52038 bytes)   
The pictures show nymphs in different nymphal stages. There are five nymphal stages and one generation per year. Above pictures were taken on late spring where we found adults and nymphs on the same plant.  
wpe1A.jpg (64240 bytes)  
The above pictures show the last instars of  the Leafhopper. Notice that the brown colour of the leaf coursed by the insects. We saw there were a few brown leave, otherwise, we did not notice any other damages to the tree. Leafhopper nymph and adult are sapsuckers which feed on the leaves, twigs and branches of the host tree.
DSC_3968.jpg (312865 bytes) DSC_3969.jpg (362195 bytes) DSC_3972.jpg (323394 bytes)

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