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Ludicra Jumping Spider - Sandalodes superbus (Bavia ludicra)


This page contains pictures and information about Ludicra Jumping Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 

Male body length 10mm
This is a large jumping spider. We sometimes found them hunting on leaves, stems and trunk of Eucalyptus tree. 


wpe19.jpg (23256 bytes) DSC_3278.jpg (179771 bytes)
Body length 12mm 
The spider is brown in colour, with thorax and all legs in dark brown, dark brown with centre white pattern on abdomen. The males and female of this species are looked quite different. 
wpe1.jpg (39478 bytes)  wpe1A.jpg (27221 bytes) wpe1C.jpg (28651 bytes)
This spider can be found in Karawatha Forest during summer and winter seansons. 
wpe20.jpg (25635 bytes) wpe22.jpg (15123 bytes)
This jumping spider build retreat and eggs sac on single green leaf.  
DSC_5129.jpg (184984 bytes) DSC_5140.jpg (144750 bytes) wpe16.jpg (41011 bytes)
The spider has just captured a wasp. We never saw this wasp before.
wpe5.jpg (41175 bytes) wpe7.jpg (54183 bytes) wpe8.jpg (26440 bytes)
This spider hunt on leaves as well as tree trunks.   
DSC_8302.jpg (116016 bytes) DSC_8294.jpg (145037 bytes)
This time the spider captured a caterpillar, look like a caterpillars in family Lasiocampidae.
DSC_0216.jpg (206771 bytes) 


The male and female of this species look quite different, or in other words, they have nothing look common. Although we know jumping spider male and female may look different, it is still hard to believe that they are the same species. 
PC9_1996.jpg (162532 bytes) PC9_1994.jpg (162143 bytes) PC9_1992.jpg (171176 bytes)
Male, body length 12mm 
We found this male jumping spider in Karawatha Forest on Sep 2009. It was hunting on hunting on gum tree trunk. It jumped on my camera after we took a few photos.
PC9_1990.jpg (187880 bytes) PC9_1987.jpg (221609 bytes)
This jumping spider has the very long and strong front legs. As the other species in genus Sandalodes, this male also has the "eyebrow" above the large front pair of eyes. This species is monobrow while the other species is double-brush.
We found the females many time. We found the male only once.

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