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Sandal Jumping Spiders - genus Sandalodes

This page contains pictures and information about Jumping Spiders in genus Sandalodes that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Jumping Spiders in genus Sandalodes are large and robust. Male spider's front pair eyes are large and with eyebrow. 
The genus Sandalodes is closely related with genus Mopsus. They are put together as the same genus in the old days.  

Double-brush Jumper
DSC_1925.jpg (134984 bytes) DSC_1097.jpg (88180 bytes)
Female                                                                 Young female                                                        Male 
Sandalodes bipenicillatus, female body length 10mm
We usually found Double-brush Jumping Spiders on wattle or she-oak leaves and stems. They have the very long and strong front legs. The males front pair eyes are large and with long eyebrow - the double brushes. The white markings on this black spider are distinctive. The patterns are variable in different individuals. This spider is common in eucalypt forests in Brisbane. More details please click on here.  
Ludicra Jumping Spider
wpe6.jpg (36769 bytes) wpe19.jpg (23256 bytes) PC9_1994.jpg (162143 bytes)
Female                                                                 Female                                                                 Male  
Sandalodes superbus,  (Bavia ludicra), body length 12mm                                                                             
This is quite a large jumping spider. We sometimes found them hunting on young Eucalyptus tree. Click here for more pictures and information.
Sandal Jumping Spider
DSC_1810.jpg (168893 bytes) DSC_1811.jpg (116609 bytes) DSC_1813.jpg (172315 bytes)
? Sandalodes or Orisiona sp.
This jumping spider built her egg-sac on the bottom side of a thin horizontal stick. The spider was guarding the egg-sac when we saw it. It was Nov 2009 in Boondall Wetlands.
DSC_1815.jpg (159320 bytes) DSC_1819.jpg (161794 bytes) DSC_1822.jpg (170056 bytes)
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