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Garden Jumping Spider - Opisthoncus parcedentatus


This page contains pictures and information about Garden Jumping Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 8mm
This jumping spider is common in Brisbane gardens and backyards. They are usually found hunting on board green leaves during the days.
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The Garden Jumping Spider is medium size, brown to orange-brown in colours with white patterns through out the whole body. The larger spiders usually darker in colour. Patterns may be vary between individuals. 
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PC9_1830.jpg (232277 bytes) PC9_1828.jpg (156670 bytes)
Garden Jumping Spiders do not too concern if we watch them very closely. Usually they will raise their head and look back to us with their large eyes. 
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Male ?
The spider in the above two photo could be a male. The rest in this page most likely are female. Males have slender abdomen and larger pedipalp. As most other spiders, females are more commonly seen than males.   
wpe8.jpg (28718 bytes) wpe12.jpg (32779 bytes) 
Jumping Spider hunts by jumping onto its prey, usually from a higher leaf to a lower leaf. The spider can even capture a flying target. The above pictures show the Jumping Spiders captured a small fly and a Flower Spider.
wpe6.jpg (32998 bytes) wpeE.jpg (35919 bytes) wpe1.jpg (37800 bytes) 
Jumping Spider can easily walk on the bottom side of a waxy leaf without any problem. 
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Garden Jumping Spiders build retreat between leaves or by partly rolling a leaf with silk. Their retreats usually have opening at both ends. They hide in their retreats at night and during winter.  
DSC_5413.jpg (98397 bytes) DSC_5415.jpg (106328 bytes) 
wpe6.jpg (26192 bytes) wpe8.jpg (22611 bytes) DSC_4764.jpg (142242 bytes)
Jumping Spiders hunt by their vision during the day time. This Jumping Spider just captured a mosquito
PWC_7016.jpg (137916 bytes) PWC_7014.jpg (139702 bytes) 
The Garden Jumping Spiders body colour vary from orange-yellow to brown. The smaller size spiders are paler in colour. It seems that the spiders become darker and darker when growing up.  

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