Jumping Spiders
Genus Opisthoncus
Small Garden Jumping Spider
Two-spotted Jumping Spider
Garden Jumping Spider
Biting Jumping Spider
Long-jawed Jumping Spider
Colourful Biting Jumper 
Genus Sandalodes
Double-brush Jumper 
Ludicra Jumping Spider
Flat-white Jumping Spider
Flat-brown Jumping Spider 
Invisible Jumping Spider
Golden Tail Jumper 
Small Brown Jumpers
Salticid Ant Eater
Three-lines Jumper 
Brown Jumper
Black Jumper
Well-dressed Jumper
Other Groups
Small Striped Jumping Spider 
Cytaea Jumping Spider
Aussie Bronze Jumper
Unknown Jumpers


Jumping Spiders - Other groups

This page contains pictures and information about Jumping Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Small Striped Jumping Spider
DSC_0589.jpg (78254 bytes)  DSC_0588.jpg (102521 bytes)
Lycidas scutulata, (former Sigytes scutulata), body length 8mm
We found this small spider once on Dec 2007 along Bulimba Creek in Sunnybank. It was hunting on short grasses. Please also check this page for more information.
Cytaea Jumping Spider
DSC_6608.jpg (71243 bytes)  DSC_6610.jpg (98238 bytes)
Cytaea alburna, body length 10mm
We found this spider once. Pictures taken on Aug 2007. Please also visit this page for this spider.
Aussie Bronze Jumper
wpe11.jpg (30839 bytes)  PWC_8465.jpg (173433 bytes)
Helpis minitabunda, body length 10mm, male       Female
This is another species of Jumping Spider, with slender body light brown in colour. More information can be found in this page.

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