Unknown Sphecid Wasps 

This page contains pictures and information about Wasps in family Sphecidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

We believed the wasps listed in this page are in the family Sphecidae. However, we cannot further identify them. Please advise if you know what wasps they are.

Wasp nest on Leaf
DSC_2699.jpg (285725 bytes) DSC_2700.jpg (281954 bytes) DSC_2704.jpg (271496 bytes)
1. Insects of Australia, CSIRO, Division of Entomology, Melbourne University Press, 2nd Edition 1991, pp 991.
2. Insects of Australia and New Zealand - R. J. Tillyard, Angus & Robertson, Ltd, Sydney, 1926, p299. 

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Last updated: July 15, 2012.