Mud Nest Tenant Wasp - ? Pison sp.

Family Crabronidae

This page contains pictures and information about Mud Nest Tenant Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 15mm
This wasp is in tribe Trypoxylonini and has the typical emarginated eyes. 

Collecting Mud

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Dec 2008, Karawatha Forest. It seemed collecting mud for mud-cells.
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Mar 2011, Carbrook Wetland, collecting mud by making a mud-ball.  

Mud Nest Tenant

On Oct 2006, we collected one mud cell, from the structure, we believed it was belonged to the Mud-Dauber Wasp.  We carefully open the cell from the back side. To my surprise, there were two compartments inside, as shown in the following picture. There was one larva in each compartment. No insect or spider remains can be found. I thought Mud-Dauber Wasp cell has only one compartment. 

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Weeks later (15 Nov 2006) the larvae had turned into pupa, will keep look at them as see what will come out.  
Graeme Cocks has recorded two Ichneumon wasps came out from a S. formosum mud cell, which the cell was also two compartmented.
Only one larva turned into pupa. The other did not turn into pupa. We might have damaged it when we open the mud cell. 
DSCN1934.jpg (288276 bytes) DSCN1940.jpg (199395 bytes) DSCN1945.jpg (186744 bytes)
On 5 Dec 2006, one wasp came out.....................................we checked the reference information and believed this wasp re-uses the empty cell of the Mud-Dauber Wasp to build its own nest cells.

Capturing Prey 

Pictures taken in Alexandra Hill on Oct 2010. 
DSC_8065.jpg (310410 bytes) DSC_8073.jpg (194055 bytes) DSC_8084.jpg (238942 bytes) 
Found and examining the Leaf Rolling Spider nest.
DSC_8087.jpg (249363 bytes) DSC_8093.jpg (183382 bytes) DSC_8096.jpg (213510 bytes)
Attacking the spider.  
DSC_8098.jpg (329527 bytes) DSC_8105.jpg (293636 bytes) DSC_8108.jpg (252413 bytes)
Keep frighting................... 
DSC_8116.jpg (262498 bytes) DSC_8117.jpg (358405 bytes) DSC_8118.jpg (259656 bytes)
Got it!! 
DSC_8120.jpg (294267 bytes) DSC_8123.jpg (298244 bytes) DSC_8125.jpg (272054 bytes)
Carrying home. 

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2. Northern Territory Insects, A Comprehensive Guide CD - Graham Brown, 2009. 

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