Subfamily Ammophilinae - Thread-waisted Wasps

Family Sphecidae

This page contains pictures and information about Thread-waisted Wasps in Ammophilinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

The wasps in Ammophylini are usually black/red or black/yellow in colours. They build ground burrows and provision with caterpillars
Thread-waisted Caterpillar-hunter Wasp
DSC_2242.jpg (148399 bytes) DSC_2243.jpg (143815 bytes)
Ammophila sp., body length 30mm 
We found this wasp dancing on a tree trunk in Daisy Hills near Buhot Creek on Dec 2009. It disappeared after we took two pictures. We were not sure what it was doing. This wasp has extremely long thread-waist with black and orange-brown in colours.

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