Small Sand Wasp - Bembix variabilis

Family Crabronidae

This page contains pictures and information about Small Bembix Sand Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 12mm 
This is the smallest Bembix Sand Wasp that we found. The wasp is black and white in colours, its abdomen is black and white striped. Its face and front legs are pale yellow with black markings. 
DSC_1724.jpg (187295 bytes) DSC_1729.jpg (149655 bytes)
We found a few of those wasp nests on the footpath in the Reserved Area near Tingalpa Reservoir.  
DSC_1709.jpg (208785 bytes) DSC_1707.jpg (172658 bytes) DSC_1708.jpg (179949 bytes)
DSC_1723.jpg (307978 bytes) DSC_1697.jpg (209572 bytes) DSC_1702.jpg (196564 bytes)
This Sand Wasp covers its nest entrance hole before it leaves. 
DSC_1699.jpg (304294 bytes) DSC_1700.jpg (314607 bytes) DSC_1701.jpg (334031 bytes)
DSC_1696.jpg (304667 bytes) DSC_1727.jpg (164894 bytes)

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