Barrel-cell Mud-dauber Wasp - Sceliphron caementarium 


This page contains pictures and information about Barrel-cell Mud-dauber Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 20mm 
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We found this barrow-shaped cell wasp nest under the ceiling of a shack near Tingalpa Resovior. We collected them to see what will come out. A few cells were broken and a wasp came out which was almost matured. It slowly walked a short distance on the floor and than flied away. 
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The wasp was black and yellow in typical wasp colours. The abdomen linked with thorax with a very thinly stalked petioles. The feed the young with spiders. 
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Another broken cell came was a pupa with a wasp that was not ready to come out yet. 
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This is an America species accidentally introduced to Australia. 
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Besides ourselves, there was small unknown wasp also interesting in this nest and examining the cells.  

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