Black Sand-dauber Wasp II - Pison sp.

Family Crabronidae 

This page contains pictures and information about Black Sand-dauber Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 15mm
PWC_6787.jpg (168128 bytes) PWC_6798.jpg (170270 bytes)
The wasps spend most of their time on collecting mud and build the hanging nest. From reference information, the wasp prey on spiders. We had opened one empty cell and found some spider body remains.
PWC_6797.jpg (228823 bytes) PWC_6783.jpg (246188 bytes) PWC_6798.jpg (276519 bytes)
DSC_6453.jpg (232967 bytes) DSC_6454.jpg (296195 bytes) DSC_6455.jpg (293090 bytes)

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