Giant Thread-waisted Wasp - Prionyx globosus


This page contains pictures and information about Giant Thread-waisted Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 30mm
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This is a large wasp with steel black colour. Its wings were tinted in black colour too. We believed it is a Sphecinae wasp because its long and narrow petiole. Photos were taken in the reserved area near Tingalpa Reservoir on Nov 2009 The wasp flied pass and landed on stem in front of us. It searched on the stem for above ten seconds and flied away.  
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Saw this medium size black wasp in Boondall Wetlands on Nov 2009. It was searching on the ground and do not care our approaching. 
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Body length 25mm
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3. Prionyx globosus (Smith, 1856) - Australian National Insect Collection Database, CSIRO. 

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