Subfamily TRAPEZITINAE - Ochre


This page contains pictures and information about Skipper Butterflies in subfamily TRAPEZITINAE in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Butterflies in subfamily TRAPEZITINAE are medium in size with the short and jerky flight. They are robust build, usually brown with yellow spots. They rest with hindwings partly open while front wings held erect. 
The larvae feed on a variety of long-leaved plants such as grasses of Poa, Gahnia (Sword-grass), Patersonia and Xerotes. They usually build shelter between two leaves joined with silk.
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Trapezites symmomus, body length 25mm
This is a large skipper butterfly. The butterfly is orange brown in colour. When rest, its wings fold on its back as most other butterflies. There is one small eyespot and a few white dots on the bottoms of its forewings. More information and pictures please click on here.
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Trapezites iacchus,  body length 20mm
Those pictures were taken in Karawatha Forest. There were many of them flying around in the forest on October. Their Caterpillar  is grayish brown-green. They hide in the shelter during the day, feed at night. More pictures and information can be found by clicking here.
Orange Ochre
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Trapezites eliena, body length 20mm
This butterfly is orange brown in colour with white dots on bottom side of hind wings. The butterfly is small to medium size. Please check this page for more information. 
Maheta Skipper, Northern Silver Ochre
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Trapezites maheta, body length 20mm
Pictures were taken in a Macgregor bushland and Alexandra Hill bushland in early summer. In the second picture the butterfly was resting on a Black-boy plant flower stem, guarding his territory. More information and pictures please click on here.
Heath Ochre
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Trapezites phigalia, body length 20mm
This butterfly is orange brown in colour with pale brown dots on bottom side of hind wings. The butterfly is small to medium size. The butterfly flies rapidly close to ground. Please check this page for more information.

Large Dingy Skipper, Dingy Grass-Skipper
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Toxidia peron or Toxidia peroni, male, body length 25mm
This skipper butterfly is medium size, dark brown in colour with three yellow dots on each front wing. Male and female look similar except male has the black strip across each front wing. The butterfly rests with forewings half opened and hind wings fully opened. More information and pictures can be found in this page.

Halyzia Skipper, Eastern Iris-skipper
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Mesodina halyzia, body length 20mm                  Male                                                                     Female    
The butterflies are dark brown in colour with white spots on fore wings. The spot patterns are slightly different between male and female. Their caterpillars are pale green in colour, covered with white powder. They construct shelter by joining leaves with silk on Iridaceae, include the Silky Purple Flag Iris. More information and pictures please find in this page

Spotted Skipper, Spotted Sedge-skipper
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Hesperilla ornata, body length 15mm
We found this skipper butterfly a few times in Yugarapul Park during early summer. It like to rest on a sunny spot. When disturbed, it fly slowly to another sunny spot and rest. Their larvae feed on Sword-grass Gahnia, with making the tubular shelters by the grass blades. Please find more pictures and information in this page.
Painted Skipper
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Hesperilla picta, caterpillar length 30mm
We found this caterpillar in a Butterfly & Other Invertebrates Club excursion in Eudlo, Sunshine Coast.
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The pictures show the caterpillar on its food plant Lanky Swamp Saw-sedge (Gahnia clarkei). For more information please visit Don Herbison-Evans & Stella Crossley's Page. 

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