Flat Skippers - Subfamily Pyrginae


This page contains information and pictures about Flat Skipper Butterflies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. They also known as Spread-winged Skippers and Dust-flats.
Butterflies in this Subfamily Pyrginae rest with their wings wide opened on flat surface. Comparing with other skippers,  butterflies in this subfamily are large and robust. 
Larvae and pupa are in folded or joined leaves.   
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Chaetocneme denitza, body length 25mm, female, male
This butterfly is believed active during and after evening. Caterpillars of this species are pink with a green colours. They stay in shelter during the day, feed during the evening. They feed on Myrtaceae, includes different kind of Gum tree leaves. Chick here for more information on this butterfly.
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Chaetocneme beata, body length 30mm, male
We saw this Skipper once in Ford Road Conservation Area. It was flying, may be due to our disturbed, and rested among trees under leaves. More information please check this page.
PC9_0320.jpg (134924 bytes)  DSC_2422.jpg (166229 bytes)
Netrocoryne repanda, body length 20mm  
The butterfly is brown in colour with large clean-brown spots on wings. They fly as normal skippers but rest with wings lay flat on leaves. They like to rest near tree top about one to two meters high. Please click on here for more infromation and pictures.

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