Orange Dart, Wide-brand Grass-dart - Suniana Sunias


This page contains information and pictures about Orange Dart Butterflies in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. They are also known as Wide-brand Grass-dart.

Body length 20mm 
This skipper butterfly is common in Brisbane bush. On it wings, the butterfly has orange colour patterns on brown back ground. The butterfly usually rests with forewings half opened and hind wings fully opened. 
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The males show strong territorial habits. They rest on blades of grass, aggressively defend their territory by flying rapidly after any passing butterfly, then return to the same perch. 
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Their larvae are pale green colour with black heads, build tubular shelter and feed on different kinds of grasses. 
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The Narrow-brand Grassdart looked very similar to the Wide-brand Grassdart. The Narrow-brand Grassdart has the front wings yellow markings less connected.  
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