Orange Palmdart - Cephrenes augiades


This page contains information and pictures about Orange Palmdart Butterflies in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Male, body length 20mm 

The Orange Palmdart (or Palm Dart) butterflies are medium in size. Their bodies are large with relatively small wings. Males are orange-yellow with a brown background colour. Females are dark brown in colour with a few yellow marks. They fly in a very rapid and jerky style, this is why they are called skippers. 

The Orange Palmdart lay eggs on palm trees. The caterpillars are green in colour. Caterpillars lay silk on the palm leaf, the silk will then shrink the two side of the leaf together to from the shelter.
The caterpillar hides in the shelter and chews away the front part of the palm leaf. When that blade of the leaf is finished, they move to the next blade. This leave the untidy appearance of the palm tree. When disturbed, the caterpillar gives out some dark green liquid, which seems can make the ants go away. 

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