Common Redeye Flat - Chaetocneme beata 

Family HESPERIIDAE, Subfamily Pyrginae 

This page contains information and pictures about Common Redeye Flat  Butterflies in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. They are also known as Eastern Dusk-flats.
Body length 30mm, male
We saw this Skipper once in Ford Road Conservation Area on Jan 2009. It was flying, may be due to our disturbed, and rested among trees under leaves. Caterpillars feed on different type of food-plants. 
PWC_9743.jpg (168238 bytes) PWC_9745.jpg (155910 bytes) PWC_9751.jpg (159986 bytes)
That was the only time that we saw this butterfly. As their common name implied, they have red eyes. Male and female are looked about the same. female is overall darker while male only darker on wing veins. 

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