Eastern Bronze Flat - Netrocoryne repanda

Family HESPERIIDAE, Subfamily Pyrginae 

This page contains information and pictures about Eastern Bronze Flat Butterflies in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 20mm
The butterfly is brown in colour with large clean-brown spots on wings. They usually fly as normal skippers but glide occasionally. They are active during the day.  They rest with wings lay flat on leaves. Males like to rest near tree top about one to two meters high, defending its territory. Its eyes are dark brown in colours. Male and female are looked about the same. 
We found them on the hill top in the Forest Reserve near Anstead, on Feb 2009. 
PC9_0319.jpg (124280 bytes) PC9_0320.jpg (134924 bytes) PC9_0331.jpg (84253 bytes)
When it is small, the caterpillar cut leaf to form shelter and live inside. Larger caterpillar curl leaf for shelter. They pupate in rolled leaf as well. Caterpillars feed on wattle, ash, brush box and many different type of plants.
DSC_2419.jpg (177016 bytes) DSC_2422.jpg (166229 bytes)
Found another one at the same place on Dec 2009. This butterfly is fairly common near the hill tops in Anstead Forest.

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