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Orange-blue Leaf Beetle 
Lantana Leafminer 1
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Green Tortoise Beetle
Orange Tortoise Beetle
Two-tailed Leaf Beetle 
Orange-black Cylinder Beetle  
Iridescent Cylinder Beetle
Long Cylinder Beetle 
Brown Cylinder Beetle
5-spotted Leaf Beetle 
Brown Swarming Leaf Beetle
Iridescent Monkey Beetle
Dark Green Monkey Beetle  
Acacia Leaf Beetle1
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White Acacia Leaf Beetle 
Dotted-lines Paropsine
Tea Tree Leaf Beetle 
Gum Nut Leaf Beetle I
Gum Nut Leaf Beetle II
Gum Nut Leaf Beetle III  
Eight-spotted Leaf Beetle
Aerarium Leaf Beetle
Shiny Dark-brown Leaf Beetle 
Marble Leaf Beetle
Red-black-white Leaf Beetle
Red-white Leaf Beetle
Dark Brown Paropsine Beetle 
Green Strip LeafBeetle
I-Mark Leaf Beetle
Metallic Green Acacia Beetle
Silver Wattle Leaf Beetle
Acacia Golden Green Leaf Beetle
Dotted-head Acacia Beetle 
Pittosporum Beetle 1
Pittosporum Beetle 2
Small 9-Spotted Leaf Beetle
Small 4-Spotted Leaf Beetle
Dark Green Leaf Beetle
Metallic Green Leaf Beetle
9-Spotted Leaf Beetle
Flea Beetle 1
Flea Beetle 2
Small Brown-black Leaf Beetle
Small Blue Leaf Beetle
Two-spotted Leaf Beetle 
Celtis Leaf Beetle
Figleaf Beetle
Kangaroo Vine Leaf Beetle
Blue Oides Leaf Beetle
Red-shouldered Leaf Beetle
Synodita Leaf Beetle


Leaf Flea Beetles - Subfamily Galerucinae, Galerucini 


Galerucinae beetles feed on a wide range of plants. Most species adults eat a small hole in a leaf then move on, making a characteristic 'shotgun' marks on leaves. Eggs are laid on leaves, stems or soil. Larvae are usually stem or leaf-miners or soil-inhabiting root feeders.

Celtis Leaf Beetle
DSC_9678.jpg (77236 bytes)  DSC_8460.jpg (119841 bytes)
Menippus cynicus, Galerucini, Galerucina, body length 10mm
This leaf beetle is pale brown in colour. Pictures taken in Alexandra Hill and Sunnybank during mid summer. Check this page for more information.
Figleaf Beetle
PWC_9173.jpg (202514 bytes)  PWC_9182.jpg (212055 bytes)
Poneridia australis, Galerucini, Galerucina, body length 12mm 
This is a medium size pale brown leaf beetle, with black line near edge of wing-covers. There are the black spots on thorax and head as well. Please check this page for more information. 
Kangaroo Vine Leaf Beetle
wpe1.jpg (33875 bytes)  wpe6.jpg (22040 bytes)
Oides fryi, Galerucini, Oidina, body length 15mm
We found this beetle in the rainforest near Mt Nebo during mid summer. The beetle was found on Kangaroo Vine Cissus antarctica (Family Vitaceae). Please check this page for more information.
Blue Oides Leaf Beetle 
wpe1.jpg (32121 bytes)  wpe4.jpg (17164 bytes)
Oides laetabilis, Galerucini, Oidina, body length 20mm 
The beetle has the pale brown thorax and head. The wing covers are shiny dark blue in colour with a thin white line on outer edges. Click on here for more information.
Orange Oides Leaf Beetle
PWC_9665.jpg (137258 bytes)  PWC_9662.jpg (124042 bytes)
Oides dorsosignata, Galerucini, Oidina, body length 20mm 
The beetle is orange in colour with thick black strip on each wing cover. there is the black patch on the thorax too. We found this beetle only once on the top of a one meter tall plant. There was in Ford Road Conservation Area on summer Jan 2009. Please check this page for more infromation. 
Red-shouldered Leaf Beetle
DSC_4410.jpg (159177 bytes)  DSC_4414.jpg (193662 bytes)
Monolepta australis, Galerucini, body length 8mm
This leaf beetle is golden yellow in colour with red shoulder and red spot on each wing cover. Check this page for more information
Synodita Leaf Beetle 
PWC_0023.jpg (185647 bytes)  PWC_0024.jpg (165584 bytes)  
Synodita borrei, Galerucini, Luperina, body length 10mm
Photos were taken in Ford Road Conservation Area on Jan 2009. The beetle was found on a Lantana plant. Please also check this detailed page.

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2. A guide to the Genera of Beetles of South Australia Part.8 - Matthews, E.G. and Reid, C.A.M, 2002, p17.  
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