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Leaf Tortoise Beetles - Subfamily Cassidinae

This page contains pictures and information about Leaf Tortoise Beetles Subfamily Cassidinae in that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
This group of beetles newly been combined from two subfamilies, Cassidinae and Hispinae. The 'hispoid' group with cryptic spiny adults and external or leaf-mining flattened larvae, pupating at or near the ground. The 'cassidoid' group with often conspicuous adults and externally-feeding spiny larvae which pupate on the host.

Lantana Leafminer Beetle 1
wpe8.jpg (26854 bytes) wpe7.jpg (47171 bytes)
Octotoma scabripennis, Chalepini, body length 8mm
At first we saw there are some dirt on the leaf. Then we found there other quite a number of dirt with similar shape on different leaves. When we came close, we notice they are insects. Since they have hard wings cover with two wings meet at middle, we believe they are beetles. Here we like to thank Dr. Kaae again. Dr. Kaae advised that they are leaf beetles. It is hard to tell, isn't it? Their larvae mine inside lantana leaves. They are introduced to Australia to control the lantana. More information and pictures please click on here.
Lantana Leafminer Beetle 2
DSC_8107.jpg (250082 bytes) DSCN0249.jpg (89638 bytes)
Uroplata girardi, Chalepini, body length 8mm
This is another species of beetle released as biological control of Lantana camara. Details please also check this web page
Green Tortoise Beetle
DSC_1644.jpg (168125 bytes) wpe6.jpg (37267 bytes)
Cassida compuncta, Cassidini, body length 4mm
Pictures were taken in Wishart Bushland during mid summer. The beetles were mating on grass. The beetles are broadly ovate shaped with wing-covers and prothorax broadly extended. The prothorax cover the head from above. More information can be found in this page.
Orange Tortoise Beetle
DSC_9339.jpg (101245 bytes) DSC_6413.jpg (214106 bytes)
Aspidimorpha westwoodi, Cassidini, body length 8mm
The beetles are broadly ovate shaped with wing-covers and prothorax broadly extended. The prothorax cover the head from above. They have the orange colour body. On wing covers there are the black dots patterns. Click here for more information.
Two-tailed Leaf Beetle
DSC_5797.jpg (297262 bytes) DSC_5801.jpg (240824 bytes)
Aproida balyi,  Aproidini, body length 8mm 
This beetle is bright grass-green with dark brown edges. It legs are all green in colour. The antennae are dark brown with white tip. Please check this page for more information.

1. Cassidinae Gyllenhal, 1813 - Australian Biological Resources Study, Department of the Environment and Heritage, Australia 2005.
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