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Leaf Beetles - Genus Calomela 

Subfamily Chrysomelinae, FAMILY CHRYSOMELIDAE 

This page contains pictures and information about Leaf beetles of Genus Calomela that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Calomela species are particularly associated with Acacia. Both adults and larvae feed on the leaf, some adults feed on the flower as well. Calomela adults are  in medium size, usually have the narrow and flat body shape. Most of them are brightly coloured. They are native to New Guinea and Australia. Larvae are in globular shape. 
Green Strip Leaf Beetle
wpe1F.jpg (45260 bytes) wpe21.jpg (32721 bytes)
Calomela pallida, body length 10mm 
We found this green leaf beetle in Alexandra Hill and Karawatha Forest during mid summer. It was wandering on a young Acacia tree. Although it was brightly green in colour, when it hided on a Acacia leaf in the shade, it was hardly be noticed. It was a slow moving insects. After we took a few pictures, it slowly walked to the leaf edge and flied to another young Acacia tree a couple of meters away. More pictures please click here.
I-Mark  Leaf Beetle
wpe17.jpg (38315 bytes) wpe4.jpg (32074 bytes) wpe12.jpg (21322 bytes)
Calomela crassicornis, adult body length 7mm, larva body length 7mm
The Acacia Leaf Beetles are orange in colour with a dark brown "I"-Mark pattern on thorax. There are also the dark drown patterns on wings cover. When we go for bush-walking near Alexandra Hill in mid summer. On every young Acacia tree (Black Wattle), we can easily found some of them resting on the leaves. They are slow moving, seem doing nothing until we disturbed. More pictures and information please click here.
Metallic Green Acacia Beetle
DSC_3412.jpg (139969 bytes) DSC_1142.jpg (326605 bytes)
Calomela ruficeps, body length 8mm
We found this metallic green leaf beetle on Acacia leaves a few times. Please check this page for more information. 
Silver Wattle Leaf Beetle
PC9_0526.jpg (131798 bytes) PC9_0525.jpg (91256 bytes) PC9_0558.jpg (140481 bytes)
Calomela ioptera, body length 10mm
Silver Wattle Leaf Beetle has the standard body shape of Calomela sp.. The head and thorax are orange brown in colour with black eyes and black antenna. The legs are orange brown too. The wing covers are orange brown covered with lines of metallic green-blue dots. The green-blue colours are slightly different between individuals. We found quite a number of them during March 2009. Details please check this page.
Acacia Golden Green Leaf Beetle
DSC_8410.jpg (333806 bytes)
Calomela juncta, body length 10mm
The beetle is golden green in colour with dark brown strips on its back. A number of them can be found on a Acacia tree. Please check this page for more information.
Dotted-head Acacia Beetle
DSC_0460.jpg (324894 bytes) DSC_0461.jpg (249621 bytes)
Calomela maculicollis, body length 10mm
We found this beetle on Acacia leaf. The beetle is metallic green in colour with black marks on orange-brown head and thorax. Please check this page for more infromation.  

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