Termite Assassin Bug - Tegea atropicta

Family Reduviidae, Subfamily Tegeinae

This page contains pictures and information about Termite Assassin Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Adult body length 18mm 
This Termite Assassin Bug can be found on gum tree trunk with termite tunnels. The bug there is usually hunting for termites of hiding under barks.
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In Australia this is the only one member in the subfamily Tegeinae. This Assassin Bug was found in late summer 2007 on a gum tree trunk in Wishart Bushland.  

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Last instars, body length 12mm
This bug is known a specialist predator of termites which are found on trees or fallen logs.
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The is bright orange red in colour with black pattern. The nymph has the same colour scheme, look the same as adult except wingless.

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Younger instars, body length 8mm
We found this young instars wandering on gum tree trunk in Karawatha Forest during a early winter day 2007.
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Found this adult Termite Assassin Bug in Karawatha forest on Aus 2008. It was checking a termite covered path on s smooth bark gum tree trunk. 
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2. Termite Assassin Bug Fact File - Wildlife of Sydney, Australian Museum Online, 207. 

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